Welcome to the team Beth!

With our Morningside store opening in just a couple of weeks we've been adding lots of lovely new people to our team. The first person to introduce you to is Beth, our new store manager for Easter Road. 

Up until now the store manager has been myself (Ivy) but it's time to hand things over to someone new so that we can bring 100% plant based groceries to more communities in Edinburgh. I'll be moving to Morningside and the lovely Beth is taking over Easter Road. 

You'll of seen Beth in the shop for the last couple of weeks, learning all about Easter Greens and the community around Easter Road that has become an important part of the shop. As of Monday the shop is all theirs! Exciting stuff! 

Alongside Beth you'll find some familiar faces -

Em - The wonderful assistant manager
Laura - Our story telling helper 
Andy - The delivery master

All that's left to say is congratulations Beth and welcome to the team. I'm sure everyone will make her feel welcome and I hope that you'll come by to say hi if you haven't met her yet.