Cherry Danish

Please note that orders containing bakery items will take two working days to be delivered. More details here. This is so that there is plenty of time to have your bread and pastries freshly baked to order.

Our pastry dough is made over 18 hours, slowly layering in butter, resulting delicious light and flaky texture - with an unmistakable buttery taste…this one is filled with fresh cherries.

Pastry Dough [Strong Flour, Soya Milk, Caster Sugar, Margarine, Yeast, Salt, Sour starter, Vegetable Oil (Rapeseed), Wheat Flour, Cherry Pie Filling, Pastry Margarine, Sunset Glaze [Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Starch, Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Proteins, Water].

Approximate size/weight
100 g

Allergen Note
While we have cross contamination controls in place, please be advised that we use the following allergens in our bakery: Gluten, Soya, Sulphates.