Edinburgh’s Healthiest Grocery Store

Shop with us today and discover why we are the leading vegan grocery store in Edinburgh.

Easter Greens provides you with a convenient, community-based, one-stop-shop for all your vegan groceries. If you are looking for a grocery store in Edinburgh that can offer you a joyful shopping experience, friendly environment, and extensive selection of healthy options, we are the perfect solution.

Our Products

There is a lot to browse through at Easter Greens. Here are some of the items you can get from our stores.

Breadwinner Bread and Pastries

Get delicious, 100% plant-based bread and pastries made by our friends at Breadwinner bakery. If that wasn’t enticing enough, all the bread and pastry you get are made especially for you. If you cannot collect your order from our Easter Road or Morningside stores, we can deliver it to you.

We should mention that since we freshly bake the bread and pastries to order, you will need to make your order by 11 am for us to dispatch it the following day. That means if you order by 11 am on a Monday, you will receive your grocery delivery on Wednesday.

Fruit and Vegetables

Consuming a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to keeping you healthy. However, it can be a challenge with busy lifestyles to maintain a consistent stock of the fruits and vegetables you eat.

Sometimes, our schedules might not allow us to head to the store to shop for produce. With that in mind, we created the veg box delivery service for residents all across the UK.

Ranging from £10 to £20, we pack our veg box with farm-fresh, in-season vegetables sourced from local suppliers. It doesn’t just offer you outstanding convenience and value, but healthy options as well.

Milk and Juices

Are you a fan of oat milk? Perhaps you prefer hazelnut or almond milk? Whatever your needs are, here at Easter Greens, you can find a wide selection of 100% dairy-free milk.

If you are looking for fresh juice to accompany your healthy breakfast or simply quench your thirst, we’ve got you covered. You can browse through our exciting options and pick the healthy drink that will satisfy your cravings.

Chilled Items

We stock our fridges with an extensive range of 100% plant-based chilled items. Whether you are looking for humble hummus or other local goodies sourced from Planet Kuku or Edinburgh Fermentarium, Easter Greens is your go-to source.

Why Shop With Us

There are many reasons why you should choose Easter Greens as your preferred Grocery Store in Edinburgh. Here is why we are the city’s favourite grocery store.

Extensive Selection of Healthy, Fresh Options

At Easter Greens, the options are almost endless. From bread and pastries to meatless and non-dairy options, there are many healthy, vegan options from which you can choose. On top of that, since we get our goods from local sources, you are assured of only the freshest selections.


We put local communities first and put in the effort needed to make these areas a better place to live, work, and shop.


We dedicate our efforts to creating a sustainable way of living, protecting, and preserving the environment. We aim to exclude all forms of cruelty and exploitation of animals for clothing, food, or any other purpose.

Friendly Staff

Our friendly, kind, and respectful team treat every customer like family. They care and support everyone who walks through our doors, spreading joy through conversations and offering help when needed.

Our Locations

We have two shops in Edinburgh—Easter Road and Morningside. We opened our Easter Road shop on August 1st, 2019, becoming the first and only vegan grocery store in Scotland. Through the store, we introduced customers to a wide range of healthy products.

The success of our Easter Road store led us to open a bigger store in Morningside. The store has an extensive range of more than 100 products. It combines options you will find in our Easter Road shop with an entirely new range of items, such as lentils, rice, bread, pastries, snacks, and so much more.

Both stores are open every day of the week, operating from 9 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday, and 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday.

The Best Grocery Store in Edinburgh

Our extensive vegan choices, friendly staff, special offers, and commitment to facilitating healthy living while protecting the environment are some of the reasons why we are Edinburgh’s favourite grocery store.

Walk into one of our stores and enjoy all that we have to offer. You can reach our Easter Road store by dialling 0131 241 0745 and our Morningside shop at 0131 241 8303.