Highland Rapeseed Oil 100ml

As the most northerly cold pressed rapeseed oil, CULLISSE Highland Rapeseed Oil benefits from the unique micro-climate and fertile soils of Easter Ross in the Scottish Highlands where the naturally healthy properties of the rapeseed are nurtured in the seed pods during the extra long days of light that distinguish a Highland Summer.

Taste Notes: All cold pressed rapeseed oils have differing characteristics depending on the variety of seeds pressed and the soil and climate in which they are grown. CULLISSE Highland Rapeseed Oil imparts a silky butteriness and summer grassiness with hints of asparagus, pea shoots and freshly picked garden peas. Some palates may also detect a very subtle nuttiness. Although very versatile CULLISSE Highland Rapeseed Oil is best enjoyed cold with home-baked bread, drizzled over a salad or used to make delicious dressings or mayonnaise.

Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

Typical Values Per 100ml:

Energy 3700kJ/900kcal, Fat 100g. of which saturates 6.1g (of which monoimsaturates 62.2g and of which polyunsaturates 27.4g).

Carbohydrate<.1g, of which sugars

Protein 0.15g, Salt <0.1g

Contains Omega-3 fatty acids (11.0g/100g), omega-6 fatty acids (16.4g/100g.) and Omega-9 fatty acids (58.7g/100g).