Behind the mask with Alasdair

Name - Alasdair Corbett

Where is your mask from?
Morningside Tailors - they have a great selection

When did you start at Easter Greens?
From the beginning - I founded the company in the summer of 2019

What do you do at Easter Greens?
Owner and Managing Director - I’m responsible for the big picture stuff and keeping everyone focused on our vision and values. I also make everyone lots of cups of tea!

Why did you want to work at Easter Greens?
I know how difficult it can be shopping in the big supermarkets for good quality vegan food so I wanted to create a place that would provide an alternative shopping experience.

What do you love about working at Easter Greens?
The conversations. I love it when I get the chance to catch up with the staff and customers myself but I also really enjoy seeing the relationships that are built within our shops knowing that I’ve helped to create a safe, friendly space for people to do their shopping.

What is your favourite item that we sell?
I can’t get enough of the pastries from Breadwinner. The Cherry Danish is my favourite.

What do you like to do outside work?
I love eating out and trying all the wonderful vegan restaurants which keep opening up! Shout out to Sora Lella, Harmonium and Black Rabbit which are my current favourites.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Sometimes it’s the alarm but usually the cat is awake first and demanding his breakfast!

What are your ambitions in life?
Success in business that creates value for others, provides decent jobs for people and allows me to provide the best life I can for my husband and our future children.

Once lockdown is over what's the first thing you want to do?
An overseas holiday. I really miss travelling to other countries, experiencing different cultures and trying all the wonderful vegan restaurants and eateries that different places have to offer.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself
I used to be a self defence instructor and taught children in schools how to protect themselves from bullies.