Contact Us

We love to speak to our customers so we're not going to give you a boring form to fill out or a generic email address to get in touch with us.

There are a few ways to get hold of us depending on what you want to chat about -  

General question? 

Our main inbox is monitored by a few people so you can get a reply as quickly as possible.

T: 0131 241 8303

Want to speak to the owner of Easter Greens? 

As you might expect Alasdair is a very busy man but if you have something to ask him you can always send him an email. He'll try and get back to you as soon as possible. 


Looking for someone to contact about becoming a supplier?

Speak to or pop by our Morningside store to say hello in person. 

Want to collaborate on social media?

Ivy is your person to contact here too on the same email address - 

Want to say hi to our Easter Road team? 

The original Easter Greens is always happy to hear from our lovely customers. Drop an email to them or pick up the phone and say hi! 

T: 0131 241 0745

Would you like to join the Easter Greens team?

Head on over to our vacancies page to see if we're currently recruiting.