Meet the team

Alasdair Corbett
Managing Director 

I'm the owner and Managing Director - I’m responsible for the big picture stuff and keeping everyone focused on our vision and values.
I also make everyone lots of cups of tea!

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Ivy Von-Anderson

I’ve got a few jobs which means I get to work with everyone!
I look after the Social Media accounts, work with new and existing suppliers, I’m the manager for the Easter Road shop, I cover HR and you’ll find me anywhere I'm needed.

... Let’s just call me the Operations Manager

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The Easter Road Team - 


I work between both Morningside and Easter Road stores. Generally trying my best to help out and keep things looking and running as they should. I spend a lot of my time either being tempted by all sorts of delicious things on the shelf or trying to find ways to not be tempted by delicious things on the shelf. I also pet dogs.

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I am quite tall, so I enjoy reaching for the boxes of crisps and kitchen roll on the top shelf of the stockroom.

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I try to speak to tourists in their native languages only to figure out that they’re actually italian and not Spanish


I’m a shop assistant which means I have many tasks including picking deliveries, packing deliveries, stocking shelves, rotating stock, date checking, talking to customers and drinking lots of tea!

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