Behind the mask with Sarah

Name - Sarah

Where is your mask from?
A lady in the village near my parents made it. She made sure some of the proceeds went to charity which is rather lovely!

When did you start at Easter Greens? Erm, January?! I've honestly forgotten the start date but think it was late January!

What do you do at Easter Greens? I am a part time shop assistant so all sorts of jobs around the shop including serving and helping customers, stocking shelves, sorting deliveries and invoices. I also take on little projects like creating spreadsheets to keep track of dates on products!

Why did you want to work at Easter Greens? I'm vegan and thought it would be lovely to work in a shop with people who have the same ethics as me.

What do you love about working at Easter Greens? My colleagues are lovely for starters! I'm also a massive foodie so I enjoy helping customers with choosing ingredients and having chats about recipes and recommendations!

What is your favourite item that we sell? I know everyone says this but it's so difficult to choose! I guess tofu is one of my favourite ingredients; it's so versatile you can make so many things from it and marinate it with so many things. Also there are lots of flavoured ones if you want to skip the step of marinating it yourself. 

What do you like to do outside work? Cooking and feeding people! I also enjoy reading and keep up to date with current news and affairs. Finally with things properly opening up I'm hoping to have a holiday scuba diving again soon!! 

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Going on from my previous answer I like to start the day reading or listening to the news. I guess that makes me sound a little dull but I like being well informed! 

What are your ambitions in life? Oh gosh... It maybe sounds a bit lofty but I want to make a difference in the world; in some way make a meaningful contribution to stopping the Climate and Ecological Emergencies... I would also love to go skydiving one day if that's more cheerful! 

Once lockdown/COVID is over, what's the first thing you want to do? Travel! Travel travel travel! I love exploring the world, meeting new people, discovering new things and experiencing new cultures: with a heavy bias towards the food of course! There are so many places I want to see it's more of a database than a bucket list! 

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. Ooh can I tell you two? Greedy I know! But the first is I've played the violin since I was five years old. The second is I've logged over 120 scuba dives! :D