Hello Morningside!

It’s been an exciting week over in Morningside with the opening of Easter Greens number 2.

With almost double the shelf space of Easter Road we’ve had a lot of fun picking new and exciting items to fill the shop. The only problem we have is not buying it all ourselves, but that is a good problem to have!

We had a couple of hiccups on opening day, mainly - our fridges and freezers didn’t arrive in time. We decided not to delay opening while we waited for them as there was so much more in store to share with our lovely customers, plus it means we have the opportunity to celebrate twice. Once when the shop opening it's doors for the first time and again when we brought in all the chilled and frozen goodies. 

So what extra do we have in shop 2? We've got a whole extra fridge which means three fridges in total. One dedicated entirely to dairy free cheeses, including locally made Earthy Vegan Cheese. A second fridge dedicated to meat alternatives like tofu, seitan and tempeh alongside faux meats like sausages, steaks and the very popular Sgaia streaky bacon. 

Fridge three has some delicious ready to eat foods. Here you'll find another local favorite - Planet Kuku alongside fresh soup, stuffed pasta and all your favorite Delphi houmous from Easter Road with the addition of avocado houmous and smokey lentil houmous. 

Last but not least we're really excited to introduce a freezer section to Easter Greens. We went a little bit over the top and ordered a bit more than we can fit in there, but there were just too many tasty tubs of ice cream to choose from. Maybe your more of a savory person? Why not try a One Planet Pizza instead? 

If you haven't already, come by our new shop and say hello. We've got more goodies than I can list in this simple blog post so come have a look around.