It's an essential - Vegan Pixie dust with 15% off

Nutritional Yeast

A question we get asked a lot - what is nutritional yeast and what does it do? It's in a lot of vegan recipes and to someone trying it out for the first time it's a whole new ingredient.

Well it's called vegan pixie dust for a reason.

1. It's a complete protein
2. It's a source of fibre
3. It's packed with vitamins
4. It's delicious on practically everything!

But what do you do with it? It has a naturally nutty, cheesy and savoury flavour so use it anywhere you would use something like Parmesan - so think a topping on risotto or pasta, stirred into soups and stews, sprinkled on salads or maybe even some fresh hot popcorn.

That's not all... some of us love it on a slice of toast with plenty of butter. Given half the chance some of us would even eat it out the tub with a spoon. Yum!

So you can get to know this magic ingredient there's 15% off Marigold nutritional yeast fortified B12 (the iconic blue tub we all love) until the end of February.

Vegan or not, it's an essential for adding flavour to everything you cook.