Meet the team - Pauline

Name - Pauline

When did you start at Easter
Greens? July 2022

What do you do at Easter Greens? I try to speak to tourists in their native languages only to figure out that they’re actually Italian and not Spanish

Why did you want to work at Easter Greens? I used to shop here before I started to work here and always thought that it would be such a nice job and then my friend Izzy told me that they were hiring so I applied for it :)

What do you love about working at Easter Greens? I love being able to pet dogs and that all the customers are really lovely

What is your favourite item that we sell? The white chocolate Love Raw cream wafer bars

What do you like to do outside work? I like to read, sing and walk through the city

What gets you out of bed in the morning? About 20 alarms in 5-minute increments

What are your ambitions in life? I actually just graduated from Drama school, so I aspire to work as an actor in theatre and film and I also want to travel the world - ideally I’d love to travel for acting work and just live in lots of different places for short periods of time

Now COVID restrictions are lifting what are you excited to start doing again? Watch live theatre and spend time with my friends

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. I worked at a windsurfing school for a summer when I was 17 and one time I saved 2 kids from almost drowning