The famous Yogi Christmas Tea (but does it have to be Christmas to enjoy it?)

Don't let the name put you off, after all they do have a 'men's' and 'women's' tea and you can be any gender to enjoy them. Their 'Christmas' tea is just another variation on a spicy chai... a delicious variation that we've already cracked open in the tea room and have gone through multiple boxes of. 

Honeybush (think rooibos but slightly sweeter) balanced our with cinnamon and star anise. But it gets even better, each box supports Thje Kumari Project.

Kumari means ‘princess’ in Nepali. Their mission is to empower and educate ​Nepalese orphans, especially girls, by providing basic health care, education, nutrition, and life skills. 

Why wait until Christmas to do some good and drink some delicious tea in the process? 
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