Valentines Day at Easter Greens

Valentines day is nearly here and we're here to help you celebrate with some 100% plant based goodies. 

Love tea by Pukka 

Why not start the day with a warming cup of Love tea by Pukka. It combines aromatic rose and lavender with calming chamomile for a fragrant but delicious tea. 

Earthy Vegan Baking Camembert 

These delicious vegan Camembert come in their own wooden box ready for baking. Made from organic soya milk, coconut oil and tapioca, this vegan cheese will go gooey and golden in the oven ready for a yummy Valentines day sharing starter (or keep it all to yourself, yum!)

Deliciously Vegan's Persian Love Cake Mix

Simply add vinegar, oil and your favourite dairy free milk to this delicious cake mix by Deliciously vegan and you'll have your very own Persian Love Cakes. Each mix makes 8 cakes flavoured with coconut, almond and cardamom. 


Who doesn't love chocolate? Our Divine offer is still available in store and online with 20% off 90g Divine bars. Why not make a chocolate tasting platter with some fresh berries, nuts and biscuits and try them all.  

How are you celebrating Valentines day?