Vegan turky roasts available now!

Easter Greens has teamed up with Faceplant Foods this December to bring you a 100% plant based turky roast for the festivities!

First of all let's talk about Faceplant foods. They are a Scottish pop up plant based kitchen who you would normally find at markets serving their incredible plant based cheeze toasties. Due to COVID though we've not had many events and markets this year so we're now bringing you their delicious products in store instead. 

Right now you'll find their Square-Go lorne sausage alternative, Plantsrami and Maple Smoked Bacon in both our Easter Road and Morningside stores. 

Now let's talk about these festive roasts which are available in two sizes - 

The whole (1.1kg) roast feeds 6-8 people and the half (550g) roast feeds 3-4 people.

We're really excited to be bringing this to our customers this year, who says being vegan means you have to give up delicious festive roasts? 

Pre-order yours now here