Veganuary 2021

Happy Veganuary! 

As Edinburgh's only 100% plant based grocery shop this month makes us very happy. We get to celebrate and support people trying Veganuary for the very first time while exchanging hints and tips with seasoned vegans. Then there are all the new vegan products that launch in January, it's all so exciting!

This year is a little different though as we're also in lockdown. While we're happy to share advice in person we'll also be sharing blogs and social media posts so you can get the same advice and support from the comfort of your home. 

Later in the week we'll be launching out Veganuary deals. Hint - this will be including plant based milks, meat and cheese alternatives as well as some sweet treats. Yum! These deals will be available in store and online for click and collect or delivery so you can join in without leaving the house. 

Last but not least we've been working hard on some delicious meal bags to make trying veganism just that little bit easier for you. Each bag comes with a recipe and  all the ingredients you need to make it. More details coming soon! 

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