What's going on out there?

When did the weather turn so cold and wet? 
Oh well... what's the best way to warm up? A hot drink!
So why not choose a delicious hot chocolate for the job. 

Now not to boast but you've got six? seven? different types to choose from so let's jump in with a classic - Divine Hot Chocolate 

Indulgent but quick and easy... Divine Hot Chocolate. Now we're in to winter it isn't just your standard hot chocolate, you've got two new flavours to add to the mix – Salted Caramel and Winter Spice.

Salted Caramel offers a perfect balance of sweet and salty, while the Winter Spice infuses ginger and cinnamon for that extra kick of warmth. Just heat your favourite milk and stir in a couple of spoons of powder. The perfect quick fix. 

Come and find your favourite 7 days a week 9am - 7pm