Edinburgh Fermentarium Kracking Kimchi 220g

Cracking Kimchi – 220g.

Confirmed as delicious by many Kimchi experts and the Great Taste Awards panel! This is not a traditional recipe, although no self-respecting Kimchi is complete without Napa Cabbage (Chinese leaves). It’s allium and fish sauce free. Spicy, but not too hot, and fragrant with spices.

Chinese leaves have long been recognised as a health boosting vegetable. They are said to regulate blood pressure, be high in potassium, rich in antioxidants, keep eyes healthy, great for weight loss and boost the immune system.
Chilli is said to contain up to seven times the vitamin C level of an orange and may have a range of health benefits, including fighting sinus congestion, aiding digestion and helping to relieve migraines and muscle, joint and nerve pain. It’s also a good source of vitamins A and E, beta-carotene, folic acid and potassium.

  • Raw & Vegan

  • No additives or preservatives

  • Unpasteurised

  • Enjoy on the side of all your favourite meals.

  • Great Taste Award Winner

Ingredients: Napa cabbage, cabbage, carrot, radish, bell pepper, chilli, ginger, Himalayan pink salt, nigella, coriander, cumin.

Storage: Always keep refrigerated. 

Cool temperatures stall the fermentation process while keeping it alive, although they are quite tolerant of temperature changes. If you leave a jar of fermented vegetables at room temperature, it accelerates the ripening process so just don’t leave them out of the fridge for long periods of time. Similar to the way a fine cheese ages, it is a handcrafted food that is brimming with naturally occurring bacteria cultures in an active fermentation state.
Push the vegetables down with a clean spoon to keep them at their best.