The Benefits of a Fruit & Veg Box

Veg boxes in Edinburgh


There is no waiting to weigh or pay for your items; simply select your preferred box, and we’ll drop it off at your doorstep. Get your order in before 5 pm, and you’ll enjoy it the next day.

Alternatively, select a date up to three days out for your convenience. We deliver between 10 am and 4 pm.

Try New Things

All of our food is organic, and each box contains essential ingredients and seasonal additions. Each week is a new adventure because the contents are slightly different.

You’ll find tasty new items to try, further improving the variety of calories that you consume.


We promote a chemical-free lifestyle and work with suppliers who do the same. The farmers in our network use organic farming methods.

The food is not only tastier but healthier, too. Conventional farmers drench their crops in pesticides that leach into the ground, resulting in the plants absorbing them and consumers ingesting them. There is nothing you can do can scrub out all of these chemicals.

Conventional farmers also use preservatives to keep the veggies fresh. Soaking produce in chlorine is a common practice today, ensuring that fruit and veggies last in the fridge for weeks, but it’s not healthy.

Organic fruit doesn’t look as perfect as its conventional counterparts, and it also won’t stay fresh as long. But organic produce reduces the chemical load on our bodies.

More Nutritious

Scientists cannot correctly duplicate all of the components in plant matter. While they can isolate specific vitamins, they cannot identify all of them.

No synthetic fertiliser is as good as organic plant matter. By feeding the soil, organic farmers ensure that their crops are healthy and work within the natural ecosystem to support their plants. The crops have access to higher-quality nutrition.

Fresh and Tasty

Farmers plant the seasonal crops best suited to the area and then leave these to ripen naturally.

The result is a product bursting with flavour. Since the farmers don’t use preservatives, it’s easy to gauge the age, as organic crops don’t last for weeks or months.


At the supermarket, you typically weigh your fruit and veggies, meaning you bag them separately. Those little bags take their toll on the environment.

With Easter Greens, your order comes in a sturdy box you can reuse, return, or recycle.

Support for Locals

We prefer to source our veggies from Edinburgh and the surrounding areas, boosting the local economy and ensuring freshness.

If there are no local suppliers, we look for nearby sources. For example, there are no banana farms in Scotland, so we import that delicious fruit from an organic source.

Have Healthy Food on Hand

How often have you opened the fridge to find nothing healthy? Ordering our fruit & veg boxes online solves that problem. With multiple deliveries a week, you shouldn’t ever run out again.

Saves You Money

Buying the box helps you take advantage of bulk savings, and we even include little extras to improve the value of each box.

Shop Local

We source our goods locally as much as possible, minimising our environmental impact and providing better food. Our community supports us, so we like to return the favour.

The farmers win because they have ready access to a market for their items, and our customers score the freshest items at affordable prices.

How Does It Work?

  • Check that we deliver to your area by entering your postal code
  • Select the box that you want
  • Browse the website for essentials and other goodies
  • Head to the checkout
  • Choose the best day for us to deliver
  • Enter your details, pay, and we’ll soon be at your door

We charge a flat rate of £6 for orders under £75. If your order totals more than £75, delivery is free. Alternatively, opt for our free click and collect option.

Do you like to support local businesses? Would you like healthy fruit and veg for your family? Choose your box deal today by visiting our site or ringing us at 0131 241 0745.